Main Components Of An Electrical Panel And Their Working

Electrical Panels are an important instrument to handle the overall electrical system. The main function of the device is to supply power from the main circuit to the subsidiary circuits without affecting any other components inside the panel.

Therefore, it is considered as the main distribution point for all the electrical circuits in your home, office or industry. It provides different amp of voltage rating throughout the building as per the need.

When we talk about it, so, the very first thing that depicts the mind is what’s inside it. If you are also curious to know the main components of the electrical panel and their working that ensure their lasting performance, so, this article helps you a lot. Let’s take a look to know more.

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  • The Main Breaker: Inside the electrical panel, there is a main breaker that contains all the components like wires and subsidiary circuit breakers, etc. and prevents them from coming in contact with dust, dirt or any other danger. This main breaker is also known as a feeder circuit because its main function is to bring power to small circuits inside the box.
  • Circuit Breakers: Another component you may find inside the electrical panel is the circuit breakers that display an On/OFF switch. These are in two different rows for the branch circuit. Their main work is to supply power to large additions or workshops.

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  • Bus Bars: These may play a major role in the working of the overall electrical panel. They receive power from the main circuit and feed the subsidiary circuits throughout your home, office or industry.
  • Neutral Bus: These are basically connected directly with the main circuit’s neutral wire. They are very much important and the wires of all over your building are connected with this neutral bus.

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  • Grounding Bus Bar: Last but not the least component that you may find inside the electrical panel is the grounding bus bar, which is helpful in uniting all the ground wires that come from different circuits and connect them to itself.

These are a few components that are inside the electrical panel and plays particular functions and important for the overall working of the device. If you want to use the device at its optimized level, so, it is important to check whether all the components work well or not.

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If there is any problem is any of the components, then you have to repair or replace it immediately, before it creates any dicey situation at your site.

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