Flexible Shaft Grinders Manufacturers

Flexible Shaft Power tools are most innovative and versatile abrasive machines in the marketplace.

Flexible Shaft Power tools gives the ability to have a huge amount of power and torque right at your fingertips without having to hold a heavy tool.

Flexible shaft tools

The heavy motor sits on the ground or on a dolly and transmits the energy and power through a cable that attaches to a hand-held tool. Another great concept of flexible shaft power tools is that the hand held tools can be a straight, angle or belt grinder.

Flexible Shaft Grinders are widely used in most of the foundries producing Cast Iron, Steel casting, forging shop, various fabrication shops and rubber retreading.

These are used for finishing operations to remove unwanted portion of the Job produced. It is most convenient method to finish the heavy or lengthen jobs, in which case it is not possible to move the job or to handle for grinding.

flexible shaft grinders

The flexible shaft grinders give freedom to the operator to finish the job without handling it. The constant speed, high cutting speed, can be used in restricted areas are some of the added advantages of these grinders.

These are having very less maintenance (Rotary mechanism) compare to Pneumatic Tools with Air Compressor (in most of the cases reciprocating mechanism) and required about 1/3 of power. Also, it gives freedom of using 1 or 1.5 H.P., instead of 20/30/50 H.P. compressor.

As, it is having an Induction motor no frequent changing of armature & carbon brush.

An extremely rigid longitudinal slide with two independently controlled cross slides


For the tool holders ensures short travels for combined machining and the flexible use of a large number of tools. The left cross slide holds the wheelhead, while the rotating tool turret with 8 tool positions, with an optional 4 driven tools for miling and drilling is fitted to the right hand cross slide.

Highly dynamic axis drives with pre tensioned linear guideways and linear measuring systems for in process length positioning length and diameter guarantee the highest precision.

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